Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pre August of 1954 - Report "Cards" from Cooper Union, Spring of 1954?

Dear George –
Your second semester book shows true improvement over the first semester’s work. You have achieved real in-tellectual growth during the year, and I hope you will persevere with your reading, thinking, studying, and, if you must, collecting! Your manner of expression could be improved in places and I think you should work on it, as you really do have something to say and might as well say it well. I

I suspect I should really write you a letter in this notebook, it is so rich and full. Alas, I could not find time to read every word, though I browsed considerably – a little as one would, perhaps, in an old attic on a rainy day. In fact, I shall call this the rainy-day note book! But no offense intended, for seriously your book hath some very good things in it, and I am astonished at the range of your interests and at your intellectual vitality. (I think I like especially your first essay on the Japan Current.)
You are obviously very ob-serving , and that accounts

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