Monday, February 22, 2016

Licence Plates

George Sanders started collecting license plates when he was 14 in 1949 I believe.  He has a range of porcelain plates from a number of places.

Some of the plates have been touched up or repainted. In general all touching up or repainting is of poor quality. Before George's death we had no knowledge of license plate collections. The accuracy of information is not guaranteed.

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Status: still photographing collection

Mar 3, Oklahoma, Missouri (corrected), South America, Central America
Mar 2, Mexico, Michigan,Minnesota,Missouri, Oklahoma
Feb 29 Pennsylvania, Washington, New York, Ohio
Feb 28 Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah
Feb 26 Europe, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maine
Feb 25 Europe
Feb 24 Europe - Spain, UK
Feb 23 Europe - Spain Ireland UK Germany
Feb 18 UK including Canadian Diplomat, Canadian forces in France
Feb 17 Alabama, Belgium porcelain, District of Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Germany, Iowa, Kansas 1 1/2 ton, Ireland sample, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, a few old Vermont, Wisconsin
Feb 15 Florida, Oklahoma, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Connecticut, Colorado
Feb 14 Kansas, US Forces in Germany motorcycle plates (2) , Okinawa (3), American Samoa motorcycle (1), 11 Quebec 60-70s, 4 Yukon including a sample, 2 NT, 3 NF, Minnesota, Ohio
Feb 13 NY 5 plates 34-54, Australia, California (porcelain) and others, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, US misc - US Forces, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Feb 12 Indiana, BC 18 plates 56 Sample, 3 MC trailer, Logging Truck etc 60-90
Feb 11 New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Manitoba, New Jersey, Maine
Feb 10 Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Feb 9 Several Porcelains Many Ontario


Quebec Fiberboard Plates
Ontario Porcelain Plate
Manitoba Porcelain Plate
BC Porcelain Plates
New Brunswick Porcelain Plates
Saskatchewan Porcelain Plates 
Belgium Porcelain Plates
California Porcelain Plates
Pennsylvanian Porcelain Plates
New Hampshire Porcelain Plates
Connecticut Porcelain Plates
New Jersey Porcelain Plates
New York  Porcelain Plates
Vermont Porcelain Plates
Bahamas Porcelain Plates
Australia Porcelain Plate

Motorcycle Plates:

USA, Kansas

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