Thursday, February 25, 2016

1957 - March 15

Key West Florida                                                                                   Short stories of S. Maugham
15 March 1957
Well I now have some financial troubles – I may get by or I may have a rough time. Mrs. Berger wrote asking for her $25 and there is $25 for the ????. Aunt Maud’s cards have come. (That is good.)

Key West Florida
17 March 1957
Lilia(n) has started a new venture – she is making skirts and I am painting on them. Money gets to be a real problem I wish I could get my income tax refund. My work has gone slowly as of the last few days. I must remedy that.
It is strange to look in the mirror and see a man and not a boy. 

19 March 1957
Key West Florida
The damn old Cuban Revolution has kept from what otherwise would have been my Havana trip. I am more than disappointed it is like being turned away by Saint Peter.
I am really quite lonely for someone my age or an artist to talk with. No matter what heat the day has or the loneliness

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