Thursday, February 25, 2016

1997 - January 7


Actually that was Christmas 1946. The next Christmas was in the new house at Saddle Brook then Saddle River twshp. A dull period in many ways. So much of the ordinary is dull and yet no more so than most of the time. New Jersey was not exciting Belleville was an interesting experience the school was good and we were appreciated – I got my first license plate just before then around Halloween when we went to Nova Scotia for Grandma’s illness. Kilroy was everywhere. (Maine 1945)

Lowbanks Lake Erie 7 I 97

Cold and snow at last, scary. We went to Niagara Falls on Saturday. It was our last outing for the holiday. It was a quiet time not a lot of activity but we got along well. I have made arrangements to go to Portugal for Feb-Mar. I have tried to get going with painting but I don’t have much motivation or inspiration. I judged the Roselawn Children’s show. It was very enjoyable. We did absolutely nothing on New Years. 

Lowbanks 10 I 97

Snow Snow Snow, grey, wind. I am buried here nothing, nothing can happen but waiting.

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