Thursday, February 25, 2016

1956 - March 7

7 March 1956
For days now I have felt far from well – Indeed almost ill. I need spring and sunshine. I have just read Christopher Isherwood’s Mr. Norris Changes Trains.  Amusing chatty as all Isherwood – a flair for the perverted.
It’s a wonderful night again a walk to view the chandelier stars under the deep dark blue sky – at 11 below zero – in March where is spring, I may get a job in Vancouver. 

10 March, 1956
Today after a rather apathetic effort I handed in my School of Architecture – I wonder how such an unorthodox effort shall be received. Here it is the middle of March. More snow than ever and 15 below zero – months and months of winter.
I am greatly puzzled by the future there is no security that I can relie upon for anything – it makes doing anything, collecting anything dangerous as there is no means of storing, transporting, or protecting such. I wish I knew I didn’t have to worry about the fucking draft.
I am again seeing goals in life – Cooper union has left me for nearly a year in shambles. 

14 March 1956
Still I ache and still it is cold (20 below zero at 8:oo am) I have read Gide’s Lafcadio’s Adventure – by far the most lively of Gide – One can’t help but enjoy and admire Lafcadio. No mail at all lately which makes me feel rather neglected. I must be prepared for anything from my school of Architecture and take the mark with a grain of salt.
Today is Black!!!!

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