Thursday, February 25, 2016

1954 - November 8

New York New York
November 8, 1954

(Museum of Modern Art)
To say that I don’t feel myself is a gross understatement – I don’t feel anything. This morning I had a magnificent feeling of enlightenment – a nirvana (no wonder I feel as though I were in deep sleep. Oh how gay can this damn stupid world get and I expect to look up and see Harry and feel damned embarrassed. I really wonder if this bit with Joyce will come off I hope so as I need such an adventure desperately. I must look quite reformed my mind works like a minor god today – I think I could move mountains – at least people.  5 minutes more to Ric then 10 minutes to Brentano’s the excitement will kill me. I always have exciting appointments here that never come off. I really hope this one does – I could have told him the elevator was going down. I’ll pick up a girl for Rick.
-          God please aid I would love to see her
She did She did She did.
The Russian Bear – the high window the clogged subway……. McSorley’s Bar and so he’s Brandt well – and more and more ale…. Strange Larry’s Wall and hundreds of Birds – Est-ce que Ernie et Larry ont pensé que j’étais drought pas comes les autres  et le matin... c’était la première fois. C’est la vie.

New York New York
November 9, 1954
Fatigue, fatigue and sad laughs both worked so well if fatigue and fear don’t trip intrigue maybe we will weather the storm… Goodness what complications a letter from Anita she too is coming on Friday lord save me some how so long so lonely and now – wow!! What one mad party can do.

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