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George Minard Sanders

George Minard Sanders

Born November 14, 1934
Died December 15, 2015

Survived by his spouse Trevor Cobain and his daughter Jennifer Sanders.

George was an artist, professor of interior design, and avid collector of everything.Some of his collections, paintings, and so forth will be displayed in this blog.

The memorial meeting for George Sanders will take place on Saturday March 26 at 1:30 pm, followed by a tea. If you wish to bring a contribution you may. We expect that the memorial meeting may last longer than one hour. There is no fixed time for Quaker meetings. The location of the memorial meeting will be Hamilton Monthly Meeting House (Quakers) , 7 Butty Pl, Hamilton, ON L8S 2R5 (wheelchair accessible) . The link for Google maps is,-79.9336876,17z

If you are planning to come and are thinking of visiting either Trevor or Jennifer first, or planning to stay overnight in Hamilton please call Jennifer Sanders at 519-538-2512 and we will try to coordinate things. It may not be possible to see Jennifer before the memorial meeting as we will be traveling down to Port Colborne to pick up Trevor and paintings the day before. Trevor is about 1 hr and 15 minutes away from Hamilton Monthly meeting. There will be a scattering of ashes by immediate family only at a later date.

George was a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and his memorial service will be in the style of Friends. George was a prolific painter and it was his desire that his paintings be shared. We will be bringing his paintings to give away.

If you have memories that you would like to share about George, Quaker memorial meetings provide a space for this.  There is no dress code for Quaker memorial meetings. Some people choose to wear somber clothes, others may wear regular street clothes.

As many people may not be familiar with the style of service I have taken the liberty of copying form Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (


The Religious Society of Friends holds as the basis of its faith the belief that every human being is endowed with a measure of the Divine Spirit which may be directly experienced. Our manner of worship is an outgrowth of this belief. We gather in quiet assemblies, mindful of the words: “Be still, and know that I am God.” We come together in reverent silence with the desire to draw nearer to God and to understand God’s will.

For Friends a memorial meeting is similar in many ways to a meeting for worship. It is not only a time for sharing feelings of loss, but a time of gratitude for the life of the departed person. We reflect on the value of that life as it relates to the lives of all of us.

All present share in this. We sit quietly; at times an individual may be moved to speak, to offer a prayer or a message that has come out of the silence. All are welcome to do this.

The responsibility for the spiritual depth of the meeting rests with each attender. Those who keep silence as well as those who give a vocal message do their part when they yield their minds and hearts to the guidance of the Spirit. The close of the meeting is signaled by handshakes among those in attendance.

Friends hope that in the meeting for worship a consciousness of the Divine Presence will come to every attender, to be a source of direction, strength and comfort after leaving the meeting. 

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