Thursday, February 25, 2016

1957 - February 24

neither cold nor really wet – outdoor living all the while. Scooter has been acting up….. it’s a pleasant life under the sun. 

Key West Florida
24 February 1957
I have been using Aunt Maud’s patio for a studio – it is outdoors enclosed, sheltered from sun and rain so I can leave all my things out – very convenient – there is an old tall wooden box that serves as an easel – es Bueno.
I had a ride in a Corvette tonight. *George Moullo’s (son of the Cuban Consul.)
There is so much to be done for only such a short time more. 

Key West Florida
25 February 1957
Today I have done so much that my eyes are not able to see what I write. In reality it is small in number but much bigger in impact than anything done previously and very different and as powerful as anything done home. I wonder how I shall get them there. 

I have been doing every and anything that comes to my head. I went out to make sketches and come back to the studio to do them – that intellectualizes them a little, takes away the French impressionism a wee bit fancies up the colour and protects me from the sun.

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