Thursday, February 25, 2016

1954 - September 17

Fairlawn New Jersey, Sept 17 1954
Physical failure – athlete’s food fungus, heart murrmer – 3 lbs not much to show in 2 years. Olympia – at Museum of Art (modern) – never knew I could relax so and enjoy sports – heavy heavy hay fever.

Fairlawn New Jersey, Sept 18 1954
Rain Rain – people from Maine.

Fairlawn New Jersey, Sept 19, 1954
Rain. (Quoted from Davis’ diary)

Fairlawn New Jersey, Spet 20 1954

Wall paper and dirt, paint and dirt and plaster someday our apartment will be liveable. Kovac’s winner and good lord a lock! For tomorrow is Cooper early and long again for the last time a Cooper first day. I too am dying to the freshmen!

Fairlawn New Jersey September 21, 1954
My last Cooper first day with Marseicano sitting in the sun on Cooper stools. Gorgeous (M for knockout) freshman – such style Cooper has never seen before as we all were engulfed by the milling ninety. Money money  money and cheap talk – like a game of musical chairs – an architecture too – above analyt geom. Hay fever rain and pooped – Cooper Union a security in a frenzy, good for a year. 

Fairlawn New Jersey September 22, 1954
Red Red room bathroom, paint and shellac to hold the walls and of course a Cooperus day with Zip. Commuting will be the death of me. The sun shone for an oddity the rain is washed out. Now that Cooper is familiar perhaps an interesting year will come and when will I move?

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