Thursday, February 25, 2016

1975 - July 26

London 26 July 75

A busy quiet day. Warm not feeling very well at all. Did 6 rubbings this morning, cannot go down a street without studying each manhole cover license plate etc. We went to Heals for lunch at Cranks which is our most expensive favourite. Worked on the 2 paintings of yesterday. That makes 8 in all have about a dozen paper painting 90 sketches and 10 rubbings in all. Not bad at all considering rain, travel, driving, walking, photographing, etc. Nearly 5 rolls of (????) 2 20’s 3 36’s and expensive, intensive 3 weeks. It is nice to be able to talk to people who share a similar language. We will be off early in the morning to the airport and should be in Toronto before noon their time. What a change we will be over gone back to the known so very strange how like dreams the events of life are past and just memories. Still feel a little sad about leaving going back to what after all is quite a good life. Is it adventure? The romantic dreamer wants his unreality.

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