Thursday, February 25, 2016

1970 - July 22

Sydney Airport
22 July 1970

Among the laughs, is the long wait to see if we go to St. Pierre the “Capricious fogs seem to have sealed the island in since Monday. We gaily arrived yesterday to find a backlog of people waiting so we went off to foggy Louisbourg and toured that grim place which has an eerie beauty and a wonderful restoration in process.

We camped the night in high wind but no rain. Cape Breton has its usual climate of change and a large amount of bugs. We have been to a fair number of antique and handicraft places some interesting acquisitions to our June collection. 

The camping scene is quite amusing. Nova Scotians really are the most primitive campers old equipment and fairly crude. The Western Americans seem to be the most mechanized. 

We are very disappointed in not being able to go to Sr. Pierre. 

Isle de St. Pierre de Saint Pierre et Miquelon

Nous sommes dans St. Pierre! Waiting, waiting what strange travels to far off places that are little isolated spots do we do. Waiting forever for the plane, the views of wooded Cape Breton Island ocean and finally the twilight on St. Pierre which has a strange combination of Newfoundland North America and European ways. Rocky streets, dark and somewhat summer cottage construction not a lot of English. We have had a merry go round to find a place to sleep as the Hotel du France was very full. We have been to the auberges and have finally found one and settled in. St. Pierre is quite hilly and gives a strong first impression.

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