Thursday, February 25, 2016

1991 - September 15

Lake Erie 15 IX 91 (Sherbrooke)

Hot humid again, lovely swimming, resting, work a getting boat up after a nice just before dark ride. Tired after the stressful week. I must say the idea of not using the subway gives me stress. I essentially believe that what the unions are after is right we have too much rampant free enterprise.
My mortality is clearer after the walk home from Ryerson. I amused myself on my death march with long thoughts about what I could handle. It is a little sobering to think that what I could do for pleasure now is an almost killing struggle. One never really gets all that better – a little but with diet exercise etc. One does not beat the arthritis and gain new endurance and muscles. One gains some endurance and a lot of pain and fatigue. 

The field out front is full of golden rod, blue daisies and other late flowers it is really a glorious mess of noxious weeds. 

T.O. 20 IX 91

The TTC strike is over, what a relief. My body aches from the walking. If I were younger I would have enjoyed it as normal walking now it was an ordeal. My continual neck ache, gout, pains in knees, hips & lower back as well as loss of energy made doing anything hard. Driving was also very slow, very crowded.
Got my Toledo chair by Jorge Pense (from Barcelona) $633.24 In my studio, cleaned the joint for the occasion. Irene and I visited the King St stores with students today fun if you are loaded. Saw fish by Randy Hofman $140 (paid 85 in Chataqua – they were nice. 

Port Sydney Muskoka 22 IX 91

Found sally in the Bracebridge Hospital. Grey, very grey. She is on count down wearing hospital gown. I guess she will not last long now that she has accepted the idea that she is dying and not going home. I saw Brian McEwan on Wednesday. Kissed by 2 dying people this week. Brian is still going but is aware that time is short and is coming to an end. It has been cool here. Brighter today. We spent some time wandering around yesterday. It is the time of year when summer ends suddenly.

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