Thursday, February 25, 2016

1958 - April 6

Ft Benning Georgia
6 April 1958

Here it is Easter & a beautiful day not too humid but hot and yellow sky’d. Spent squandered reading the History of the Civil War (Fletcher Pratt) under old cedar tree on an abandoned farm a small hike away. The excitement of the trip has really hit me. We leave the day after tomorrow actually only a few short hours… then the long road to Germany. (Now into the duffle bag goes the book.)
Aschaffenburg, Germany
19 April 1958
Well the day had dawned – long after we were up when we departed for Savannah where we took the USNS General Alexander Patch for nine days of ocean travel. 

The ocean is a world of wonder& variety from the green waters off the Carolinas one slips up into the cobalt blue of the Labrador current off the Grand banks into the Grey of the North Atlantic. Late the Gulf Stream swims (?) blue on all sides & carries into the English Channel. The sight of birds, ships, then distant Cornwall

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