Thursday, February 25, 2016

1975 - February 16

New years day I took the train back sitting next to a very pleasant nun. 

16 Feb 1975

Valentine’s day, the great fiesta of winter was the day of the divorce. I was apprehensive all week fortunately I had only one weeks notice. We went on Thursday night to Mississauga to the Buntrocks to spend the night and for the children to stay on Friday. Friday I drove again then to the city and arrived at the lawyers’ office at 9:20-26 to discover court was early and I had to roar off to the court building. I arrived to find Caroline and Jack there – which was unexpected. We were #8 and sat through a morning of divorce proceedings. The judge in his uniform with red sash and barristers in black robes with white crossed lace collars. It was a small panelled court room. The actual hearing of our divorce went fast not too many questions – none about the children. Caroline testified I do not remember her questions or answers. The judge would not allow any additions into the divorce

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