Thursday, February 25, 2016

1957 - February 11

Fairlawn N.J.
11 february 1957
Have been doing lots letters and chores – I am sending 10 more cartoons to Punch. 
    Intimacy Jean Paul Sartre. 

Key West, florida
18 february 1957
Well at long last I have come to Key West. I have seen much of the deep south en route the Carolinas – North and South Georgia and the length of Florida – busy busy, gaudy Florida. All of this shall be written up, well – but tomorrow is another day. And I am very tired. 

Key West Florida
19 February 1957
Yesterday morning I set off down the street to rent a motor scooter – I bought a beautiful 1948 put put that is a heavenly shade of blue c’est â dire blue (not new) faded by sun…. we call the Blue Streak even though it doesn’t go very often, very fast, or very far. We waited in the county court house for an hour for a license - $6.75 Florida 38A540. Pushed it to Aunt Maud’s……. we had a whole day of fun pushing. I cost $75 too. I should have my head adjusted. They promised to buy it back for $50…. Ho ho I will be the strongest man on the beach… I may never get there.

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