Thursday, February 25, 2016

1957 - June 21

Juan Keys Buen Tono 314
Col. Industrial
Mexico D. F. Mexico

Paul Gruenberg 16 Prospect A
Sea Clliff LI NY Gle???4-3061

Millard Howie 322 E 11 Al4-9218

21 June 1957
Fair Lawn New Jersey

The glad tidings on this first day of summer seem to be “Greetings” I shall be in the army on 2 July (this year of course.) Danny has sent me a long letter and a cheque for $20 as a gift for his apartments. I hope highly that he builds them – as drawn.
I have seen Picasso. From dull to very beautiful he has expressed all at one time or another. His how is the only one that frights the crowd. To be visible beyond the first fashionable head.

I can’t cope with fate – I wish I could enjoy drifting.

1 July 1957

Fair Lawn New Jersey

Tommorrow at the crack of Dawn I go to cope with that fate which has awaited all the males of my years – the army. I am excited that much I must admit. Worried, not any more. Still I hope I don’t have to go but if I do I hope to be strong, happy, travel a lot and learn. God must guide me and make me a better man for whatever does come. I want to be an artist.

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