Thursday, February 25, 2016

1974 - August 26

Port Sydney
26 August 1974

Yesterday we went over highway 7 and up highway 11 to Newmarket to the old 1810 Meeting house. There were 23 people , Mrs. Starr sitting in the elders’ section  in her plain dress and bonnet. It was a good meeting. I spoke for the first time it was an “awful” experience but I had to express a concern for the sharing of history with all the friends who had come throughout the years with problems and burdens to this little meeting house to find love to answer the anger and bitterness of the world.

Port Sydney Muskoka
30 August 1974
We have been more fortunate this week than the weatherman has allowed. Cool times but lovely days with blue sky, clouds, breeze, green trees golden fields. The late season flowers are all out in golden glory before the fall colours. 

Kathy and Glen came and we had a rather nice break with company. I do find company is a great help as I love to do for people and the adult conversation is so much of a relief to the pressures of my own thoughts.

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