Thursday, February 25, 2016

1970 - August 28

A bear was seen down near the school house this week so we took back roads all chances in case we would see him. I managed to pull the muffler off the Volvo instead.  Michael saw Charlie Brown which is his 2nd movie on thurs night. 

He and I saw an otter along the river this evening we got quite close to him in the canoe.
Caroline’s mother gave us a small mahogany desk that belonged to her grandmother – a wedding present in 1905. 

I haven’t done much painting. 

Motorcycle jacket in Qu├ębec: the Eaton’s Corner Bunch. 

Port Sydney Muskoka
28 August 1970

The last evening of the summer the trees have started to turn the night is cool and the travellers seem to have largely gone home. I would like another month here.

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