Thursday, February 25, 2016

1972 - July 24

real interest to it except for its sharp vistas. By chance we visited Louisiana which is a very good piece of modern architecture set into an extremely nice and varied Danish landscape. The painting collection certainly is not first rate and the building is the main attraction.

We have lost 2 of our little birds and a 3rd is out of the nest into a box we put under the nest to serve as a nursery.

24 July 1972

For Sunday we drove to Skaelsor on the other side Zealand for the festival of the childrens Popins jay shoot which was 125 years old this time. It was really very pleasant with a marine guard band a little king in coach and antique postmans uniforms from the Aarhus museum. There were games in the woods which are out a little way from the town. A beautiful dense beech wood it is. We had a good day but a bad night drive home in the Volkswagon. This evening we went to a small tent circus which was not as bad as one could expect, it was quite well done and entertaining, the benches were really hard and the roustabouts grubby. Everyone wore several hats and did most things. It was fun to see a circus in a tent again.

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